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Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 (72-89) engine oil cooler 91110704102 in stock

We have a new supply of these oil coolers which are made in EU. This is the 911 oil cooler that is bolted directly onto the crankcase for engine oil and has either a hose fitting or a screw fitting. BEHR have now ceased production on these units. Price is £595 + vat. with immediate availability for the units with hose fitting. Suitable for cars from 1972 – 1989)

hose fitting – 91110704102 – available now
screw fitting – 91110704103 – available soon

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

Porsche 911 oil cooler 91110704102

New Transmission Cooler Range For Classic or Kit Cars

Transmission coolers

Transmission coolers

Uses : Most radiators on cars with an automatic transmission have an oil cooler in one of the end tanks for cooling the transmission fluid. If this fails it can be catastrophic for the gearbox as the engine coolant can mix with the transmission fluid.

Some classic and kitcar radiators cannot be re-cored due to the fact that replacement coolers are not often available and while a new OE replacement radiator may be available for modern cars, it might not be available for older vehicles.

These coolers also enable a manual radiator to be used in place of an automatic radiator (particularly useful for kitcars) or if the transmission fluid overheats when towing as an auxiliary cooler can help keep the transmission fluid cool.

Mounting : They can either be fixed to the radiator using mounting ties through the radiator or bolted near the front of the car (which we prefer.) The oil fittings are 10mm push-on fittings.

Core dimensions and retail prices:
8 row (282mm x 108mm x 30mm) – £82.80 inc VAT
10 row (282mm x 148mm x 30mm) – £122.40 inc VAT
13 row (282mm x 191mm x 30mm) – £148.80 inc VAT

Available ex-stock for next day delivery.

New range of Ford Escort and Cortina alloy radiators.

These are a fantastic upgrade for the classic copper and brass although we can also supply upgraded copper radiators if you wish to retain your cars originality.

The main advantage is the weight saving over the traditional radiator, these alloy units weigh about a third of the copper and brass equivalent.

They are hand made in our London factory and the cores are made in Europe so the quality and efficiency is second to none.

Options available:

  • 30mm or 56mm core
  • optional sender unit hole (M22 x 1.5)
  • angled or straight fittings
  • Bare alloy or powder coated in black gloss or matt.

Please call for pricing.

Escort Alloy Radiator

Escort Alloy Radiator

Escort Alloy Radiator - hose fitting

Escort Alloy Radiator - filler cap

Escort Alloy Radiator - sides

Young Will Caines at Brands Hatch racing in the Thundersport event on his Aprilia RRV450

Aaron Radiators Sticker on Will Caines Bike

Our sticker on Will Caines RRV450

A note to thank Will Caines (a family friend of Gavin’s) for putting one of our Aaron Radiators stickers on his bike this weekend.

Will Caines Aprilia RRV450 in Thundersport GB at Aprilia Superteen

Will on the grid at Brands Hatch

14 year old Will was racing at Brands Hatch on Saturday / Sunday 9th March 2014 on
a RRV450 Aprilia in the Thundersport GB Aprilia Superteen event.

Will Caines Aprilia RRV450 in Thundersport GB at Aprilia Superteen

Will in the pits at Brands Hatch

It was his first outing on this bike, last year he was on an Aprilia 125cc.

We wish him all the best for the rest of the season!!

Some great onboard footage from last year here:

Radiator Collection Service

Classic car radiator collection crate

Car radiator collection service

We have a new collection service for classic car radiators of any shape or size. This service is for customers who want their original radiator reconditioned but are unable to post it due to not having the time, ability or enough packaging material to pack it up safely and securely. A wooden crate is sent with packaging materials and instructions, put the old radiator in the enclosed plastic bag then pop it in the crate and fasten clips with cable ties ready for collection – simple!

This collection service costs £30.00 + vat
Please note : To use this service the price to recore your radiator must be over £250 + vat

That simple process in more detail :

  • Order collection and pay for re-core.
  • Receive wooden crate with packaging materials and instructions enclosed.
  • Put the old unit into the enclosed plastic bag and clip it in the crate (which is locked with cable ties.)
  • Customer calls to arrange collection date – please ensure someone is in all day on the arranged date as there is an £18 failed collection charge.
  • Radiator is recored and returned to you looking and functioning like new, or better!
  • A reconditioned and upgraded radiator can greatly increase the cooling efficiency of a classic car whilst still retaining the originality that is so sought after with classics.
    The collection service helps with the problems of packing a big, heavy, wet and oily radiator and ensures it is packed safely enough for it to get to its destination intact.

      Collection Service – Terms & Conditions
  • Collection charge is £30.00 + vat
  • There is currently a £250 + vat minimum charge for recore to be eligible for the collection service.
  • Aaron Radiator will not be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.
  • The shipping crate remains the property of Aaron Radiator and collection must be arranged within 2 weeks of receiving crate.
  • The goods are only insured to the maximum value of the recore.
  • Customer must ensure that someone will be in all day at the address specified for collection. A failed collection charge will be charged at £18.00 if nobody is in when the carrier tries to collect.
  • The £30.00 charge is for mainland UK only, for Highlands and Island a surcharge may be payable.
  • International collection is also available – please call for price.
  • Range Rover Aux radiator recore (LR009007)

    Recore service for Aluminium Range Rover 4.2 Aux radiators (LR009007)

    We can now recore the radiators that cool the superchargers on the 2006-2009 4.2 Range Rover which are not currently available (as of Sept 2013) from the main dealers.

    We can re-core you unit in about a week.

    Part number for this part is LR009007 / PCC500260

    PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING 020 8653 1144

    University of Liverpool Motorsport

    We just made a crazy shaped radiator for the Liverpool University racing team. Extremely tapered, but only on one side. Looks great too.

    It’s for the Liverpool Formula Student team. Formula Student in an international competition in which top engineering students design, build and race a single seat racing car.

    Thanks for the mention in your latest news University of Liverpool Motorsport – Latest News

    Good Luck!!

    University of Liverpool Motorsport Alloy Racecar Radiator

    University of Liverpool Motorsport Alloy Racecar Radiator

    Kent Kit Car talk

    Thanks to the the Kent Kit Car Club for letting me talk to them about radiators on Friday 22nd Feb 2013. I also showed 2 new videos about their manufacture which I made especially (and will be on youtube soon!)

    I enjoyed myself and you all made me feel very welcome.

    Thanks again.

    Gerald Stringer.

    New Aston Martin DB 2/4 Alloy radiator

    We now have aluminium radiators in stock for Aston Martin DB 2/4. These are practically identical to the original copper and brass units but offer a substantial saving on weight and are much more efficient than the original radiators.

    They can be supplied in either a bare brushed Aluminium finish, powder coated deep gloss black, or painted in silver to match the original part.

    Aston Martin DB2/4 Alloy radiator upgrade

    Aston Martin DB2/4 Alloy radiator upgrade