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Massive upgrade copper radiator for ex work MGB - DRX 255C

FIA restrictions on upgraded alloy radiators replacing correct copper & brass radiators.

A conversation I had with several drivers at last years (2014) Goodwood revival was that the FIA have started to give time penalties against cars having upgraded alloy radiators instead of the period correct copper and brass radiators.

One such driver is Barry Sidery-Smith, owner of the ex-works MGB DRX 255C who has received a number of time penalties for running an alloy radiator even though a standard copper andbrass radiator simply will not keep his car cool.

To solve his cooling problem we built Barry a massive copper and brass radiator with the thickest core we have ever put in an MGB, a 5-row at 86mm thick. To put this into context, the original copper core is 56mm thick (an inefficient gill-on-tube type core) and we regularly upgrade MGB radiators by increasing the core thickness with a very efficient 64mm 4-row (pack construction) which is usually enough.

We can upgrade any copper & brass radiator making one that is just as efficient as an alloy upgrade (but just not as light) so give us a call if you have fallen foul of the FIA due to an incorrect radiator.

(See our page on Classic Radiator Upgrades here.)

Radiator Collection Service

Classic car radiator collection crate

Car radiator collection service

We have a new collection service for classic car radiators of any shape or size. This service is for customers who want their original radiator reconditioned but are unable to post it due to not having the time, ability or enough packaging material to pack it up safely and securely. A wooden crate is sent with packaging materials and instructions, put the old radiator in the enclosed plastic bag then pop it in the crate and fasten clips with cable ties ready for collection – simple!

This collection service costs £30.00 + vat
Please note : To use this service the price to recore your radiator must be over £250 + vat

That simple process in more detail :

  • Order collection and pay for re-core.
  • Receive wooden crate with packaging materials and instructions enclosed.
  • Put the old unit into the enclosed plastic bag and clip it in the crate (which is locked with cable ties.)
  • Customer calls to arrange collection date – please ensure someone is in all day on the arranged date as there is an £18 failed collection charge.
  • Radiator is recored and returned to you looking and functioning like new, or better!
  • A reconditioned and upgraded radiator can greatly increase the cooling efficiency of a classic car whilst still retaining the originality that is so sought after with classics.
    The collection service helps with the problems of packing a big, heavy, wet and oily radiator and ensures it is packed safely enough for it to get to its destination intact.

      Collection Service – Terms & Conditions
  • Collection charge is £30.00 + vat
  • There is currently a £250 + vat minimum charge for recore to be eligible for the collection service.
  • Aaron Radiator will not be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.
  • The shipping crate remains the property of Aaron Radiator and collection must be arranged within 2 weeks of receiving crate.
  • The goods are only insured to the maximum value of the recore.
  • Customer must ensure that someone will be in all day at the address specified for collection. A failed collection charge will be charged at £18.00 if nobody is in when the carrier tries to collect.
  • The £30.00 charge is for mainland UK only, for Highlands and Island a surcharge may be payable.
  • International collection is also available – please call for price.
  • Kent Kit Car talk

    Thanks to the the Kent Kit Car Club for letting me talk to them about radiators on Friday 22nd Feb 2013. I also showed 2 new videos about their manufacture which I made especially (and will be on youtube soon!)

    I enjoyed myself and you all made me feel very welcome.

    Thanks again.

    Gerald Stringer.

    We’re in the Croydon Advertiser 04/05/12!!

    Nothing like a mention in your local paper to make you feel special!!

    Here’s a copy of the article and a link to it :

    Croydon Advertiser Article 04/05/12

    Croydon Advertiser Article 04/05/12

    Aaron Radiators celebrates 50 years in Croydon

    Firm drives into a confident future

    Aaron Radiators marks fifty years as a family company

    WHEN William Stringer founded his car radiator firm in 1952 (edit – make that 1962) he dubbed it Aaron Radiators to ensure it a top spot in the phonebook, helping draw in the customers.

    Now with the company, based in Whitehorse Lane, South Norwood, celebrating its 50th anniversary as a family firm, the Stringers are ensuring the company maintains its ranking in the industry.

    SUCCESS: Gerald Stringer (centre) and staff and two classic Rolls Royce radiators they are working on

    William Stringer himself died four years ago but the company’s eight staff still includes his wife, Jane, who is managing director and her son and daughter, Gerald and Laura.

    While the family ethos of the company has not changed, it has had to adapt to changing times which have seen the small radiator manufacturing companies challenged by an influx of large motor parts concerns.

    Gerald Stringer, the company’s sales director, said: “There is so much competition these days.”

    Aaron’s has also had to face the fact that the quality of radiators has had to improve.

    When the business started, the life-span of a radiator was around two to three years. Now they can last ten to 15 years, although the effects of that economic challenge are offset by the fact there are a lot more cars on the road.

    The edge in the industry has not stopped Aaron’s from still being involved in the manufacture of radiators, for both cars and heavy plant machinery.

    But for Mr Stringer one of the most radical decisions the company has made to cement its future is to move into what he describes as “the bespoke side of the industry.”

    More effort is now being put into reconditioning radiators for classic cars. Combining this with making an increasing impression on manufacturing radiators for kit cars, Mr Stringer is driving towards a confident future.

    50th Anniversary Photo 1962-2012

    Aaron Radiator Co is 50 years old in May, so here is a group photo of the whole team. Bring on the next 50 years! Our founder, Bill Stringer, would have been proud of us and we all miss him.

    manufacturing car radiators since 1962.

    manufacturing car radiators since 1962.

    Aaron Radiators 50th Anniversary (with names)

    Aaron Radiators 50th Anniversary (with names)

    Also appearing in the photo are a pair of 1920’s Rolls Royce 20/25 radiators, one before a recore, the other after.

    Upgrading Classic Car Radiators (particulaly Jaguar)

    This is based on an article that was published in Jaguar World magazine 6 or 7 years ago, I wrote the article aimed towards Jaguars of the 60’s and 70’s but the information is relevant to all makes of car of that era.

    Since the 60’s many models of Jaguar have had problems overheating, specifically certain E and S-types. The main problem was the efficiency of the radiator and fan system, which can usually be remedied by replacing the radiator core with an upgraded one with more tubes and a higher fin pitch (and usually a completely different system of manufacture.)

    Aaron Radiator replaced and upgraded the radiators on these models (sometimes when they were still new!) and still offer this upgrade service today with even higher efficiency modern cores than previously available or the ultimate in cooling- complete replacements in Aluminium.

    Up until the 70’s most Jaguar radiators used a ‘Cellular Film’ core (Pic A). This has the advantage of being very robust and durable (many cars still have the original film cores, even though they may be 30 years or older!) but it is not a particularly efficient design. This led radiator design to favour ‘Packed Construction’ (Pic B) or ‘Tube & Fin’ (Pic C) cores which were lighter, more efficient and cheaper to make.

    Bad design in fans and cowlings (fan shields) meant that many vehicles still overheated. Sportier cars were pushing out higher power than ever before from engines packed into a much smaller space as vehicle aerodynamics came into play and bonnets got lower. Upgraded electric fans can help remedy this by forcing more air through the core and replacing the fixed fans can increase power lost through driving the fan.

    A – ‘Cellular Film’ core

    B – ‘Packed Construction’ core

    C – ‘Tube & Fin’ core

    Types of core upgrade available

    Two types of upgraded core are available. An ‘X-type Packed Construction’ core (Pic D) has more tubes and a higher fin pitch to increase the surface area the cool air flows over. The X-type is the most efficient core available in copper and brass and is available in many different numbers of row (thickness.) An upgraded ‘Tube & Fin’ (Pic E) is also available which, though not quite as efficient as the X-type, is more durable and resistant to vibration.

    If your car is having problems with overheating, the core might be corroded and a build up of deposits inside it can restrict water flow. Older types of anti-freeze were not as good at resisting corrosion and sometimes radiators have had an under spec core fitted in the past. The difference in cost between fitting a replacement core that has the same cooling capacity as the original and upgrading one is not considerable as the only extra cost is the higher price of the core.

    A – ‘Cellular Film’ core

    B – ‘Packed Construction’ core

    C – ‘Tube & Fin’ core

    Custom aluminium, classic and industrial pages added to website.

    We’ve added loads of new pages and information to our website, concentrating in 3 main areas :

    • Custom Aluminium
    • Classic
    • Industrial

    Please take time read of some of the pages – I’m sure some people will find them very interesting, particularly as they describe some of the work we do ‘in-house’ that perhaps not many people know about!

    One page I’m particularly proud of is the detailed guide to different core upgrades available for classic cars. This is based on an article that was published in Jaguar World magazine 6 or 7 years ago, I wrote the article aimed towards Jaguars of the 60’s and 70’s but the information is relevant to all makes of car of that era.

    The new pages are :

    Aluminium Aston Martin DB5 Radiator
    Custom Aluminium
    Aluminium Radiators
    Aluminium Intercoolers
    Motorcycle Radiators
    Motorcycle Oil Coolers

    Aluminium and copper / brass radiator and cooler module
    Industrial & Plant
    Plant Radiators
    Industrial Oil Coolers
    Industrial Intercoolers and Charge Air Coolers
    Truck Fuel Tanks
    Header Tanks
    Heater Cores
    Heat Exchangers

    Vintage Bentley radiator with upgraded core
    Classic and Vintage
    Vintage Car Radiators
    Classic Radiator Upgrades
    Classic Heaters
    Vintage Fuel tanks

    Custom coloured filler cap range
    Filler Caps
    Custom Coloured Filler Caps

    A lovely pair of Ferrari 308 radiators!!!

    We had the opportunity this week to photograph 2 different Ferrari 308 radiators which came in to be re-cored from 2 different customers at the same time. One is is bare metal before painting, the other is finished and ready to go out. Oh my God, Magnum!!

    Ferrari 308 radiator

    Ferrari 308 radiator

    Formula Ford radiator recored in copper & brass

    We recently recored this Formula Ford radiator in copper & Brass.

    Here are before and after shots.


    The core was really choked up, so it was in dire need of replacing, and we managed to copy the core almost exactly.


    Approximate prices are :

    £150 (+ vat) – copper & brass recore
    £220 (+ vat) – new unit in copper & brass
    £320 (+ vat) – new unit in aluminium.

    We will need to check the dimensions of your unit before starting production.