Van Diemen International race car radiators

We recently upgraded a pair of plastic and Aluminium radiators on a Van Diemen International race car for Guille Racing in Guernsey.

These were made all in Aluminium and had a super high efficiency core making them much more efficient (and tougher) than the stock item.

Van Diemen Radiator 1

Van Diemen Radiator 1

Here is one of the pair in position in the side pod of the car.

Upgraded Van Diemen International Aluminium radiators

For more information about Guile racing click here :

-EDIT- 01/02/12 ——————————————

I just got an email from Greg guile, part of which said this:

“I was thinking whilst cleaning it, what a good investment the radiators were as they have been a fit and forget part of the car.

The car spent a fair bit of last year blasting round the circuits of France with many different drivers. I can say in complete honesty, they were one of the most reliable aspects of the car!”

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