Classic car oil coolers

Classic car oil coolers

We stock a wide range of Mercedes, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce oil coolers and can sometimes repair the threads if they have been stripped.

Rolls Royce oil cooler

Oil coolers we keep on the shelf include :

  • Mercedes SL 1970-
  • Aston Martin DB7
  • Rolls Royce Spirit 1987-9 (UE75191)
  • Porsche 911

Oil Cooler repairs

A frequent problem is stripping the thread connections on an oil cooler when removing the pipes. This is due to the design of the fittings (the cone pushes outwards as the thread is tightened) and the fact that the threads are aluminium whilst the nuts are steel (causing a reaction between the two metals) making it impossible to remove the nuts without completely stripping the threads on the cooler.

We keep many different types of fitting in stock (M16, M18, M22 etc) and can often weld new fittings onto the cooler – as long as the cooler is in reasonable condition.

Mercedes SL type oil coolers