Aluminium Radiators

Upgrades for high performance vehicles

Aluminium radiators can be built to design for bespoke applications like race cars or existing radiators can be copied in aluminium as an upgrade.

When radiators are not available for imported or classic cars they can be copied from a sample. If a radiator has plastic tanks which are damaged or if the core is no longer available it can be copied in aluminium. If the radiator has a transmission cooler it can be re-used in the new alloy radiator.

Aston Martin V8 alloy radiator

Aston Martin V8 alloy radiator

All our Aluminium radiators are made by craftsmen in the UK from high quality parts sourced in the EU.

Aluminium radiators can also be repaired and high performance aftermarket fans can be supplied bolted securely to the units.

Aluminium radiators made to design or copied

We are continuously developing our manufacturing processes and strive to deliver a reliable, reasonably priced product with a fast turnaround.

Batches of up to 20 units can be made for car manufacturers in either aluminium or copper and brass or one-off units can be made for private customers.

Custom MGB V8 alloy radiator