Press Page

Press Page

2006 October – Jaguar Enthusiast
Jaguar radiator upgrades article

2010 July – Classic & Sportscar
Article about our workshop in London SE25

2012 April – Kougar Owners Club
Conversion of a Kougar to an Aluminium radiator by the editor

2012 May – Croydon Advertisier
Celebrating 50 years of making car car radiators in Croydon

2012 May – Motorsport at the Palace
Celebrating 50 years of making car radiators in Croydon

2012 May/June – Total Kit Car
A lot of background information about the company and what we can offer kit car drivers

2012 Sept – Car Mechanic
Background information about Aaron Radiator and services we can offer regular car drivers

2013 June – Retro Ford
A big 4 page step by step article describing the reconditioning of a Ford Cortina radiator

2013 August – Classic Motoring
Information about Classic car radiator upgrades

2013 October – Classic Car Weekly
Product page mention of our radiator collection service

2017 January – Practical Classics
Upgrading Danny Hopkins Jensen radiator part 1