Truck Fuel Tanks

Commercial Fuel Tanks cleaned out.

Fuel tanks can become polluted with debris or rust. Sometimes this is impossible to remove by simply flushing out as the dirt can become trapped between the baffles inside the tank.

A Bus Fuel Tank

The only way to clean out the debris is to cut the tank open between the baffles, steam clean the tank out and patch up the holes.

Steel or Aluminium fuel tanks can be cleaned out, usually within a day or two.

Diesel or Petrol fuel tanks can be worked on.

Leaking Bus or Truck Fuel Tanks can be repaired.

There are many causes for a fuel tank to leak – it may have been damaged, the spot rivets holding the baffles can come loose or it may just be old age.

Most fuel tanks can be repaired, sometimes it is neccessary to cut open the tank and shot blast the inside if it is badly corroded. All tanks are pressure tested before being returned to the customer.

A damaged truck fuel tank.