Plant Radiators, Generator radiators and Forklift radiators

Plant Radiators recored or supplied new.

Plant Radiators with a soldered / welded construction, bolt-on or plastic tanks can be re-cored in-house in copper and brass or (as is becoming increasingly common) in aluminium. Radiators with a bolt-up construction can often have the tanks removed, the core rodded out and the tanks replaced for a considerable saving on a new core price.

Large plant radiator after re-core before testing and painting

If a plastic tank is damaged it can be copied in brass, though a new core must usually still be fitted.

Units to be reconditioned can either be collected by van if in London or surrounding area, collections outside our van area can be collected by our carriers National pallet collection service.

New units are available for many applications particularly truck radiators or skip lorry radiators.

Generator radiators recored or supplied new.

Generator radiators can be re-cored or sometimes supplied new for a large saving compared to the price from the manufacturer.

We have supplied many different sizes of industrial radiator ranging from units to cool generators from 20kVA to 500kVA. These include generators from Caterpillar, Cummins, Genset, Ingersol Rand, John Deere, Kubota and Perkins, some with fan units supplied.

Bolt-up plant radiator with new core.

Forklift radiators re-cored or upgraded.

Sometimes forklift radiators keep on clogging up due to debris choking up the outside of the core and reducing air-flow through the core. In this case an upgrade to our ‘clog-less’ construction can really benefit, making it much easier to clean out the radiator with a steam cleaner – cardboard and cement dust are the two main culprits for this.

Forklift radiator with upgraded ‘clogless’ construction core.

The ‘clog-less’ core has the core tubes in-line and a wider fin pitch than usual to enable debris to pass straight through the core rather than being trapped in the core and building up. This upgrade is also effective on site equipment or any radiator that is frequently covered with mud.

Standard cores can also be fitted to forklift radiators if the core is damaged, choked up (on the inside) or rotting due to old age, if the plastic tank is broken it can be copied in brass and in-tank oil coolers can be replaced.