For all your bike cooling needs

We’ve been repairing and re-coring motorcycle radiators since the 90’s, so we’ve seen a LOT of radiators and oil coolers. We can recore any radiators, curved or tapered and supply a wide range of new radiators and oil coolers. We can also build custom one-off radiators for any vehicle.

Motorcycle radiators recored or copied

When a motorcycle radiator is damaged beyond repair they can be recored.




The tanks and sides are cut off (or fabricated if also beyond repair) and welded onto a new core. Recored radiators are guaranteed for 12 months.






Custom and bespoke radiators can also be made to design. Give us a call or email us and we can help you design your ultimate bike radiator.

TIG Weld

TIG Welding

Motorcycle radiator re-core

Motorcycle radiators repaired

Radiator repairs – from £80.00+VAT.

Minor damage to radiators can be repaired (though oil coolers cannot be repaired) and twisted and bent radiators can sometimes be straightened out.

All our repairs are guaranteed for 3 months.

Send us a photo of your bike radiator and we should be able to tell if it can be repaired or not.

If it is beyond repair, all radiators can be recored.

TIG Welding

A wide range of new motorcycle radiators

We stock the largest range of brand new motorcycle radiators in the UK with a range that is constantly being added to.



Stocked radiators include :

  • Suzuki
  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Aprilia

New Suzuki SV radiator

New Motorcycle oil coolers supplied

We stock a wide range of bike oil coolers that are all exact replacements for original units.



Stocked oil coolers include :

  • Suzuki
  • Aprilia

Suzuki Bandit 600 oil cooler

Aluminium Oil Coolers made to design or copied

Although motorcycle oil coolers cannot be repaired, they can be copied.

Prices start from £200.00+VAT



Also small runs of custom bike oil coolers can be made for independant bike manufacturers and customisers.

Please call for more information.

Custom oil cooler with banjo fittings