Vintage Fuel tanks

Vintage, Veteran and Classic Car Fuel Tanks

If a car is left for a number of years without use (as many classic cars have been before restoration) the fuel tank could either rot (if left empty of fuel and allowed to get damp) or it could get filled with sediment if left containing slowly evaporating fuel for many years. The only way to cure these problems is to have the fuel tank profesionally restored.

A vintage fuel tank after shotblasting

If the tank is leaking and rusty, it will need to be cut open, shot blasted and re-sealed. This will stop the rust reappearing though the tank should be filled with some fuel or else the rust will soon return.

If the tank is filled with sediment or debris it will need to be cut open between the baffles (as this is where the dirt will be trapped) and steamed out thoroughly before being patched back up.

Tanks that are of a rivetted construction are prone to having the rivets loosen from the weight of fuel and old age, particulary with baffles coming loose inside the tank.

We are able to clean out or repair Aluminium fuel tanks as seen on many classic supercars and can also replace or even copy vintage fuel tanks – though we will need to see the tank first.