New range of Ford Escort and Cortina alloy radiators.

Escort Alloy Radiator - hose fitting
These are a fantastic upgrade for the classic copper and brass although we can also supply upgraded copper radiators if you wish to retain your cars originality. The main advantage is the weight saving over the traditional radiator, these alloy units weigh about a third of the copper and brass equivalent. They are hand made in our London factory and the cores are made in Europe so the quality and efficiency is second to none. Options available:
  • 30mm or 56mm core
  • optional sender unit hole (M22 x 1.5)
  • angled or straight fittings
  • Bare alloy or powder coated in black gloss or matt.
Please call for pricing.
Escort Alloy Radiator
Escort Alloy Radiator
Escort Alloy Radiator - hose fitting Escort Alloy Radiator - filler cap Escort Alloy Radiator - sides
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