Custom aluminium, classic and industrial pages added to website.

We’ve added loads of new pages and information to our website, concentrating in 3 main areas :

  • Custom Aluminium
  • Classic
  • Industrial

Please take time read of some of the pages – I’m sure some people will find them very interesting, particularly as they describe some of the work we do ‘in-house’ that perhaps not many people know about!

One page I’m particularly proud of is the detailed guide to different core upgrades available for classic cars. This is based on an article that was published in Jaguar World magazine 6 or 7 years ago, I wrote the article aimed towards Jaguars of the 60’s and 70’s but the information is relevant to all makes of car of that era.

The new pages are :

Aluminium Aston Martin DB5 Radiator
Custom Aluminium
Aluminium Radiators
Aluminium Intercoolers
Motorcycle Radiators
Motorcycle Oil Coolers

Aluminium and copper / brass radiator and cooler module
Industrial & Plant
Plant Radiators
Industrial Oil Coolers
Industrial Intercoolers and Charge Air Coolers
Truck Fuel Tanks
Header Tanks
Heater Cores
Heat Exchangers

Vintage Bentley radiator with upgraded core
Classic and Vintage
Vintage Car Radiators
Classic Radiator Upgrades
Classic Heaters
Vintage Fuel tanks

Custom coloured filler cap range
Filler Caps
Custom Coloured Filler Caps

Aaron Radiator